Our Members

Any person of Pontian Greek or Asia Minor Greek descent or Philo-Pontian, who is interested in the objectives for which this Society has been formed, is eligible for membership.

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Membership Areas

The Pontian Society of the Southeastern United States (Argonaftes) represents members in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia.

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Pay Membership Online

We have set up a Secure Payment Page which now allows you to pay your Membership Dues online by PayPal or major credit card. If you wish to make your payment by check, you'll find instructions on this page.

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Our Objectives

To promote the history and heritage of the Pontian Greeks and Greeks of Asia Minor.

To promote educational and cultural activities related to Pontian Greeks and Greeks of Asia Minoro

To promote research, collection, safeguarding, record keeping and teaching of history of the Pontus tradition and customs (dance, song, theater, language, cooking, etc.)

To promote communication and collaboration with other members of the Pan-Pontian Federation of the USA and Canada, and also with other associations that promote the historical knowledge, the culture and human dignity.

To collect historical documents that confirm the genocide and the holocaust of the Greeks of Pontus and to promote, in a legal manner, awareness and recognition of the holocaust of Pontian Hellenismo F: To maintain a dance group and try and publish a folklore historical news letter, in print or electronically, for their membership on a quarterly basis

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